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Institutional Documents

Educational Guide
It is a document where relevant aspects of our Institutional Educational Project are detailed, regarding the theoretical framework, our pedagogical plan in each of the schools, our school management design in the various areas part of the organizational structure of the School and how they foster learning in our students.
Internal Regulations
It is a management instrument that regulates the organization and operation of our Education Institution seeking to promote a democratic school coexistence and an environment that favors learning, according to the current official norms and paying special attention to the functions and duties assigned to the different members of our Educational Community.
Condition for Education Service
It is a document available to parents of our School before the registration process starts each year. In this document, there is the scope of our education service in each of the schools, regarding not only the fees for such service rendered, but also aspects related to our pedagogical plan and our school management design based on a pedagogical leadership that can handle the working conditions for the pedagogical development, school coexistence and administrative support.