Prescott Alumni in action!

Donation of Personal Protection Equipment (EPP) to Honorio Delgado and EsSalud Hospitals in Arequipa
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Among Prescott alumni, there is a large number of medical professionals and nurses working in several fields and who are fighting against COVID-19 in clinics and hospitals in the city and our country. With these voluntary donations, #PALinAction collected enough money to purchase the following equipment and materials: 4 stable stretchers, 20 yellow visors, 3 foldable stretchers, 10000 nitrile gloves, 150 antifog glasses, 5 clinical beds, 15 robes, 100 disposable hats, 500 disposable boots, 100 disposable safety outfits and 580 masks.
Suppor for children in Reading and writing in vulnerable zones in Arequipa
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This year, many children in low-income schools in Arequipa will not be able to learn to read and write. Through voluntary donations, #PALinAction delivered 300 packs to families with children in first grade in the vulnerable zones in Arequipa, those who do not have access to distance classes. Each pack contained four Coquito books, which will help these children to meet their learning goals.
Many thanks to all Prescott Alumni and friends who support these initiatives! These gestures of empathy evidence the solidary spirit we instill from a very young age in our classrooms and characterizes our School!