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Cambridge Asessment English

Cambridge Asessment English
The University of Cambridge has been assessing English mastery all over the world for over 150 years. Each year, more than 5 million people from 135 countries sit Cambridge Examinations, accepted worldwide and designed to evidence linguistic skills at all levels.

Cambridge English Assessment offers access Cambridge English Qualifications, a broad range of high-standard exams and diplomas.

Accepted worldwide
Cambridge Certifications are accepted by over 20,000 universities, businesses and governments all over the world.

Access to excellent opportunities
Cambridge English Certifications are an excellence brand and open doors to exciting opportunities for higher education and employment.
Valid for life
Cambridge English Certifications do not expire.
Communication for real life
4Cambridge English Certifications are based on studies that show the importance of conversations and interactions of real life. These examinations are based on real situations, so the skills needed for those exams are the same needed for real life.