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Prescott, a School of the IB World

Prescott, along these past years, has become an important reference in national education, educating children and youngsters for the world. We have an Educational Project prepared for these times and currently immersed in the world of the International Baccalaureate (IB).
Continuum of IB Programmes
The IB offers four demanding and challenging educational programmes to a community of over four thousand schools worldwide. Our School bases its Vision and Mission on a philosophy according to the ideals of the International Baccalaureate, as we have been part of the IB community since 2015, currently authorized to offer three IB Programmes.


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Prescott is one out of nine schools in Peru that offer 3 International Baccalaureate Programmes: Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme; it is the only school in southern Peru. In this way, all of the students at our School receive an IB education, from the youngest 3-year-olds to the students of 11th grade / 5th year of High School.
The continuum of the IB programmes at Prescott makes it possible for the children to gradually move up on their education path and reach and start the last program with a good preparation and a strong foundation in order to achieve the best final results.
IB Education
The IB considers each School as a learning community where students are provided with the opportunity to learn about local, national and global matters.
Our students’ learning is based on a humanist and constructivist approach, that is, the students themselves build their learning on what they have previously learned. Our students develop academic and personal skills that foster understanding and appreciation for other cultures, languages and views.
In this way, we educate our students so they can think critically under an international education and prepare them to be citizens of the world.