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Who we are

We are an educational community that is permanently learning and interacts efficiently, effectively and consistently. Our leadership is devoted to developing personal talent evidenced in capacity, commitment and action. We define our pedagogical line of action on the path of academic excellence of our students taking advantage of the opportunities of the global community. We believe in a personalized humanist education with close collaboration of the families in a bilingual and co-educational context. We respect all religious options and strengthen personal development educating under the preservation of the environment and respect for life.  Our values are open-mindedness, commitment, responsibility and solidarity.

We are one out of 6 school in Perú that offers 3 programs of the International Baccalaureate, and the only one in Southern Peru:


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3, 4 and 5 años


Elementary School

De 1st to 5th grade



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Middle School

De 6th to 9th grade



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High School

10th and 11th grades



In this way, all of our students are educated under the International Baccalaureate framework, from the youngest in PS3 to the oldest in 11th grade.
With fifty-five years of institutional life,1264 students, 902 families, 198 teachers and collaborators y 3557 alumni, we can certainly assert that:



Ancla 1

We are a School in Arequipa for the World


Ancla 2

We provide a comprehensive education with a transcendental sense


Ancla 3

We serve with joy, integrity and passion for education


Ancla 4

We move on relentlessly on the path of excellence