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Infirmary Service



Our Infirmary provides basic health care to our entire Community through timely and comprehensive assistance, health promotion programs, disease prevention and direct care for students and staff.
The service is led by two nurses and, in addition, once a week we receive the support of a physician. The functions of this service include assistance and orientation to the entire Prescott Community through:
First Aid
Use of medication according to prescriptions
Monitoring of chronic illnesses
Supply of basic medications for common illnesses (pain relievers, antipyretics, antihistamines and antispasmodics)
*The Infirmary does not offer diagnostics or prescribe medications that require a prescription.
Always communicated thanks to the instant assistance notification!
Through our EdusoftNet platform, all parents are informed immediately any assistance given to their children in our infirmary. In this way, they are aware of the type of care provided, reason and any recommendations to keep in mind.