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High School


In High School, the student is prepared not only for higher education, but also for their lives. 

High School admits youngsters aged 16 and 17, and consists of 10th and 11th grades, each divided in four classes of approximately 22 students. Each group is led by a Homeroom Teacher and an Education Team of each area of studies.
Learning takes place within a dynamic and demanding environment, where students develop strategies and skills necessary to perform successfully in any situation or context they will face in life. In these last two years, the students consolidate their learning and receive opportunities to explore several vocational options that will allow them to decide on their professional future. We prepare our students to use critical judgement, be responsible for their actions and act with ethics and moral conscience, provided with a personal profile that binds the International Baccalaureate Community around the world.

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As a School of the IB World, in High School we work with the Diploma Programme (DP) of the International Baccalaureate.