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Events and Activities



Prescott is characterized by an interesting program of events and activities; they all always correspond to the educational objectives that encourage the work of our institution as an expression of the Prescott Organizational Culture and also always one of quality and excellence throughout.

Walk of the Cross
The Walk of the Cross is a tradition at our school that has been observed for more than twenty years as part of the educational schedule. This activity summons and involves the entire Prescott Educational Community and prepares us to live a Holy Week of reflection. The 11th Grade class has a special role in leading this faithful path.
VÍa crucis
Carpet Making
As is tradition, the class of 11th grade are in charge the crafting of representational carpets for Holy Week. Each year, the students create four beautiful and meaningful carpets places at four stations through the Walk of the Cross.
School Day
Every May 4th we celebrate our School´s anniversary, on the day of William Prescott´s birthday. He was an important historian that inspired our school´s name. It is a day when the whole Community celebrates with a special ceremony and artistic show, followed by the sharing of the traditional birthday cake.
Día del Colegio
Mother’s Day
It is one of the school events with the largest connotation that has the presence of all the mothers of different schools that come to enjoy varied artistic-musical performances prepared by their children.
día de la madre
Father’s Day

It is a traditional celebration that displays the integration of our Community, the teamwork and creativity of our students and teachers through our Houses program (HOU).
Family Day
Our Family Day is the event where we welcome the largest participation of the Prescott Community, including relatives and people from Arequipa. This is a day when the community enjoys good music, food, musical performances, our traditional Tombola, bingo, the indispensable Prescott Raffle, and the Main Show.




Parents Games

The Interhouses Sports Championship where parents represent their Houses includes 6 disciplines: football soccer, volleyball, basketball, free kicks, tracks and games of skill.



Families’ Conference
Family time and the dedication one gives to their own is extremely important. Therefore, Prescott regards the Families’ Conference as one of its main events, an event that is strengthened every year not only due to its high participation, but also the quality of talks and presenters that come to make parents aware of their transcendental role and to strengthen the meaning of family.
Cultural Night
Prescott Cultural Night is defined by the art and culture we live in our school. Prescott students rehearse the whole year to give a first-class performance to the community. Each student’s creativity is displayed through visual arts such as sculptures, drawing, painting, ceramics, design and creativity, craftwork, and murals. Likewise, talent stands out through dances, the symphony orchestra, plays, choir, and the fusion of the Anglo-American and Peruvian cultures.