Admission » Requirements and steps to apply

Requirements and steps to apply

Applicants to Prescott Preschool Ages 3 (PS3) must have turned three by March 31st, 2023, four for PS4 and so on.

1. Opening application
  • Formalize your request by completing your pre-registrarion form at the following link:
  • You will be notified in detail about all the deadlines, payment and account numbers at the time of application.
 2. Application Fees
A payment of S/ 200 for the services provided during the admission process (fee is non-transferrable and non-refundable)
3. Documents
  • You will be notified via mail about all the information and documents to start the Admission process.
  • Send the information requested to the Admission Representative in the indicated period of time: [email protected]
 4. Interviews with both parents
New families will have three virtual interviews:
  • With a member of Asociación Educacional Prescott (AEP)
  • With our Head Principal or the Head of Preschool
  • With a School psychologist
Prescott families will have only one virtual interview with our Head Principal.


5. Academic and Psychological Evaluations
For applicants to 2nd - 11th grade:
Academic aspect:
  • English
  • Communication
  • Math
Psychological Evaluation
6. Results
You will be notified via email within the time window given at the time of application
7. Donation Fee
  • Once the applicant has been admitted, make the donation payment according to the grade to which they have been admitted within the time frame given at the time of application.
  •  Send the payment receipt with the name of the child that has been accepted to [email protected] (If an invoice is required, please request it in advance).
  • In the case that the donation is not made before the deadline, the application will be withdrawn. 
 8. Registration
The registration process will be published in the school’s website ( in January 2022.

In case the applicant comes from another educational institution (preschool or school), they must pick up their "Opening Availability Statement" at our school’s Reception Desk. With this document, you will request the "Single Registration Form" at the school the applicant is transferring from, and is to be presented at the moment of registration.