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Primary Years Programme (PYP)

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Preschool and Elementary School: From PS3 to 5th grade

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is centered on the comprehensive development of the child, on their inquiry skill and discoveries inside and outside the classroom. It is based on a constructivist approach where our students are the protagonists of their own learning.
In order to allow for students to participate actively in their own learning and take responsibility for it, we promote inquiry. Inquiry may take place at a personal, pair or group level and may appear in several forms: exploring, asking, playing with options, compiling data and reporting results, formulating and testing theories, etc.
PYP incorporates in the curriculum, local and global issues, which demands that students approach six transdisciplinary themes and examine the links between them. Among these themes are: “Who we are”, “Where we are in place and time”, “How the world works”, “How we share the planet”, “How we organize ourselves” and “How we express ourselves”.


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The programme concludes with the “Exhibition”, where students of 5th grade present a research Project they complete during the year along with their mentor, evidencing the elements they worked with throughout Preschool and Elementary School: knowledge, concepts, skills and action.