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Available Vacancies

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 Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of Prescott Family!
Our next Admission Process for PS3 - 3-year-olds and other grades at our School where there are openings available starts in February 2021.
2021 Admission
Currently we have the following openings for these grades:
Grado School
PS3 (3-year-olds) Preschool
PS4 (4-year-olds) Preschool
1st grade Elementary School
3rd grade Elementary School
4th grade
Elementary School
5th grade Elementary School
6th grade Middle School
7th grade Middle School
2022 Admission: PS3 / 3-year-olds
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In order to start the application for any opening, please contact Susana Bustamante, Admissions Office:
+51 952 396 646