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Curricular Axis

The Curriculum Pillar comprises a set of criteria, study plans, programs, methodologies and processes that contribute with the comprehensive education and the construction of a global identity of our community.
Academic Competitions and Events Program
It promotes students’ learning through experiences outside classrooms and facing unforeseen situations that help develop soft skills. It includes a selection process and a team of teachers who prepares the students with a really demanding and enriching training. During this years, Prescott participated in over 40 local, national and international academic competitions, with the following results:
International Competitions
British English Olympics, England (2019)
First Place in the World at the most prestigious English Olympics
After 2 weeks of intense competitions, along with 144 participating schools from 22 countries, Prescott win First Place in the World, giving Arequipa and Perú the highest honor. We also won the award “Campus Winner”, issued to the Best Team in their Campus for having earned the best score in addition to the First Place in 6 out of 7 competitions and one People´s Choice Award (BEO Investigation, Song Contest, Country Spotlight, Drama Festival, Improvisation Challenge, Mystery Challenge y People´s Choice Award en Country Spotlight).
BEO 2016 
British English Olympics, England (2016)
Second Place in the World
BEO 2015
 British English Olympics, England (2015)
Third Place in the World
Yes 2017
 Young English Speakers - YES Forum, Lima (2017)
First Place
Yes 2018
Young English Speakers - YES Forum, Lima (2018)
First Place
Yes Forum 2019
 Young English Speakers - YES Forum, Lima (2019)
Third Place
National Competitions
Esan 2018
School Debate Championship ESAN, Lima (2018)
First Place
Desafío invesionnista
Junior Investment Challenge, Stock Market in (2018)
Second and third places, participating with two teams
Datatón, Universidad del Pacífico in Lima (2018)
Second Place 
Campeonato Nacional de Debate Escolar, Piura (2019)
Second place, 3 Prescott students among the top 10 speakers (1st, 4th and 7th places)

Local Competitions
Abogado por un día
Attorney for a Day, San Pablo Catholic University (2018)
First Place
De La Salle MUN (2018)
Second place and 2 awards to Best Delegate, 7 awards to Outstanding Delegates
Summit of the Americas for School Students CAPEC (2018)
Best delegation and 2 awards to students as Best Delegates
Other competitions we have attended with outstanding results: 
Pucp Mun
Perú MUN
Perú MUN, Lima
MUN Universidad San Martín de Porres, Lima
Academic Competitions organized by Prescott:
logo aqp mun
Arequipa MUN Prescott (Two editions, 2018 and 2019)

United Nations Model with the participation of local and national schools



logo MOGAP
MOGAP (Two editions: 2018 and 2019)
Model of General Assembly with the participation of local and national schools
TED World
A public speaking competition in Spanish and English for students of 7th to 11th grades whey they can express their ideas using the standards of TED talks, with creativity, spontaneity and practicality
TED ED Prescott Club
We have a license granted by TED Ed Clubs which allows us to create student groups who can produce their own TED talk with guidelines issued by the program itself. The talk is recorded and uploaded to the TED Ed Clubs YouTube channel.
English program for Collaborators
Prescott promotes the learning of the English language not only to students, but also to its collaborators, through a complete program.