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Houses Program

programas de casas


Eight years ago, we started an important project at Prescott, which is currently running: creating 4 Houses, including all members of our Educational Community, to participate in sports, artistic, cultural, academic and solidarity activities.
Four big Houses represent the four cardinal points and elements of nature, among other components that make each unique and special with individual characteristics.



Earth / Green


Fire / Red



Water / Blue



Air / Yellow


Through this Program, we promote:
  • The sense of community and belonging through teamwork, respect and talent promotion.
  • Integration and collaborative work of all members of Prescott Educational Community: students, parents, collaborators, members of AEP and alumni.
  • Identity, union, leadership, respect and loyalty.
  • Rigorousness and organization, generating opportunities for participation and fair competition with peers.


*All of the members of a family are assigned to the same House.


4 Houses, a single heart!