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Caring Prescott


Just like Prescott’s organizational philosophy details out, our vision is: “Be a committed and bilingual educational community that shapes people in their respective fields with social and ethical responsibility. Oriented towards international academic excellence that contributes to the construction of a better world.
For over 25 years, we have taken on and began carrying out socially responsible actions based on solidarity to contribute towards the common good, an attribute of the International Baccalaureate Community that identifies our school.
Our students are the main protagonists, leaders, and managers of the following campaigns:
Let’s Help Another Child to Study
Consists of the collection and delivery of school supplies from the good will of our students and the Prescott family. We give everything we manage to gather, sharing special moments with the recipients at the underprivileged schools we visit.
Kilo Day
2A ton of food monthly for several social assistance institutions, providing entertainment and sharing times for children, disabled people, and the elderly. In this action, we all come together to gather and deliver as much food as possible each month.
Warm Clothes Campaign
We gather warm clothes and then bring them to the population of high Andean areas.
Operation Smile
For more than ten years, Prescott has been part of the Operation Smile Peru mission. We contribute to this external campaign through active participation of our students by accompanying families before and after surgery, as well as translators between families and foreign doctors.
Missionary Campaign
With significant contributions nationwide, we are the first non-confessional school to give the largest contribution to Missions.
Christmas Campaign
Sharing not only gifts but also very valuable moments with students of educational institutions in underprivileged areas.
From Plastic Caps to Wheelchairs
We have special containers for the recollection of plastic bottle caps, promoting a recycling culture. The money we collect from the recycled caps allows us to buy wheelchairs or crutches for low-income disabled people.