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Through Art, we provide each student with the opportunity to explore their talents and artistic skills, finding the best way to express themselves.
We seek that our students develop creativity, imagination, sensitivity, assessment and several ways of expression, all of which are necessary elements to consolidate character in an individual.
Visual Arts
Drawing and painting, ceramics and arts
The development of graphic plastic arts, visual arts, allows through drawing, painting, ceramics and arts, for students to develop imagination, creativity, expressivity, aesthetic sense, critical thinking and beauty appreciation.
Interpretative Arts
Drama fosters expression and communication through the body, using gestures, movements and words in general to convey a message.
Dancing helps to integrate movement, emotions and imagination as representation of culture and celebration of life in motion.
Music is part of playing with sound, through singing or playing instruments.
Cultural Night
The largest Art expression at Prescott is Cultural Night, a special celebration on Thanksgiving Day, where great effort and artistic talent are evidenced by our students.
You may enjoy this impressive show in this video: