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Our History

In June 1964, a group of English, American and Peruvian citizens gathered several times in order to found a different school in our city. They dreamed of a mixed-sex school that would provide comprehensive education of high academic standards and intensive English learning, as a means for international communication and understanding. This dream came true in April 1965, in a small house in Vallecito; Colegio Anglo Americano Prescott was born, hosting in its first classes children of 4 and 5 years of age.
cas frank mitchel
As the years went by, the School kept growing and moving to other locations, with the permanent help of Mr. Frank Michell, an English businessman with a great Arequipan heart; not only did he finance Prescott’s development, but he also – along with his wife Marjorie Stafford de Michell – followed dearly the progress of our institution.
Derek Mitchel
Ana López de Romaña de Michell and Derek Michell López de Romaña, daughter-in-law and grandson of our greatest benefactor, are currently members of Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott.

Why “Prescott”?
Our School was named Prescott inspired by William Hickling Prescott, an American historian and scholar who fell in love with the Peruvian history, a paradigm for our students for his tenacity, spirit of achievement and willingness to overcome difficulties. His commendable career and his works made it possible for our culture to be known worldwide.

The founders and key individuals that made it possible for Arequipa to have the best School in town:
  • Mary Burgess
  • John Banks
  • Gwynne Schultz
  • Rosemary Latham de Barreda
  • Samuel Lozada Tamayo
  • Eduardo Bedoya Forga
  • Werner Foulkes
  • Arnolfo Valdivia Ampuero
  • Allan Kelly
  • Jeannette Ricketts
Mrs. Rosemary Latham de Barreda is still a member of the Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott – the promoting body of our institution – as the President of the Advisory and Supervision Council.


School Principals

Our first school principal was Mr. Manuel Paz Bishop; after him, 11 principals have steered the fate of our educational institution. At present, alumna Carmen García Calderón Barreda (Class of 1983) is our Head Principal.


Carmen García Calderón


The hard work and dedication of the authorities, committed teachers and collaborators, parents, students and alumni have made Prescott School reach an important position in the educational context in our region and country.