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Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott

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Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott is a non-profit association that promotes program and educational projects, collaborating on initiatives in favor of education within the global community, particularly in the southern region of Peru. At the same time, in compliance with its statutes, it promotes Prescott Educational Project.

From the founders – members of the First Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott, to this date, many are members that selflessly worked and work, walking alongside the course of our institution.
Asociación Educacional Anglo Americana Prescott
Advisory and Supervision Council 2021 - 2025


The Advisory and Supervision Council is formed by people who make sure the foundation principles of the school are maintained.
President Rosario Eguiluz de Prime
Vice-President Ana López de Romaña de Michell
Adviser Rosemary Latham de Barreda (Founder)
Adviser Derek Michell López de Romaña (Class of 1984)
Adviser Luis Pablo Carpio Sardón (Class of 1983)
Adviser Javier Barreda Latham (Class of 1984)


Board of Directors 2023 - 2025
President Jaime Morán Cateriano (Class of 1992)
Vice-President José Carlos Hernani Oviedo (Class of 1987)
Secretary María Pía Palacios McBride
Pro-Secretary Stephanie Prime Eguiluz (Class of 1999)
Treasurer Alonso Talavera Roberts (Class of 1990)
Pro-Treasurer Sandra Alcázar García (Class of 2003)
Member Lucía Meneses González (Class of 1992)
Member Alonso Quintanilla Pérez-Wicht (Class of 1976)
Member Santiago Basualdo Piñeiro


All of them are parents and/or alumni that generously give their time and expertise in several areas, transmitting the School spirit from their role.
Jaime Morán Cateriano, former student (Class of 1992), leads this important team.
Foto Jaime Morán