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INT Experience

The international experiences our students and collaborators go through make us realize the development and maximization or many skills. Each activity within the program enriches and nurtures our students so that they can become better citizens and be able to have a view of the world with international mindedness. It is a great joy for the School to witness how the life of some students profoundly changes and makes them a source of inspiration for the younger ones.
Mauricio Jarufe
“At Prescott, going for more is always an option. There is a chance to become involved in new projects, dare to question the standards and set your own limits. Programs such as Internationalization, give us the opportunity to be involved with globally relevant topics, become open to interculturality and work hard to compete within a rigorous academic environment at an international level. Likewise, the academic competitions allow students to develop several skills that would not be attainable otherwise: trying to solve international crises, learn how to invest in the stock market or debate on social policies. The opportunities are endless. Motivation is too”.
Mauricio Jarufe Caballero
Alumni (Class of 2018 “Verklempt”)
A participant at several local, national and international academic competitions
Patricia Salas "In addition to perfecting the language, sharing professional experiences with people from all over the world, I was also able to strengthen several methodologies used in teaching English. With much hope, I am already using them with my students".


Patricia Salas Becerra
Alumni (Class of 1989 “Hope”) and English Teacher in Elementary School
A participant of the Teacher Training Program at the Oxford Educational Group Institute, part of the Trinity College, in London, England.