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Our educational program derives from the vision of our founders and the current reality, as well as our ruling principles. Prescott was founded – and still is – as a different school in Arequipa: Peruvian Anglo American, bilingual, international and co-educational. Although our identity and experience are rooted in Arequipa, we look outwards since we are “A school in Arequipa for the World.”

Our educational Project is led by our founding principles:
As a School, we seek to provide our children and youngsters with all advantages available in order to achieve a comprehensive education that boosts individual development, skills and talents in each student so they may develop thoroughly and become part of the local and international community.
We offer personalized education considering each student as a special individual with their own and singular personality, promoting the development of their potential through research. Our programs are based on a constructivist approach that looks for inquiry, construction of their own learning, development of critical judgement and strengthening of moral values through the Educational Project that fosters all of the dimensions of the individual: biological, intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual.
We consider that there is a bond between the family and the School, which is of utmost importance; therefore, communication with parents is permanent through progress reports and personal interviews with Homeroom and School Teachers.
We organize our educational project in four schools, according to the formative ages of our students; they are connected and integrated articulate in a multi-disciplinary manner:


PS3, PS4 and PS5



Elementary School

1st to 5th grade



Middle School

6th to 9th grade 



High School

10th and 11th grades




A school of the International Baccalaureate World
Prescott, along these past years, has become an important reference in national education, educating children and youngsters for the world. We have an Educational Project prepared for these times and currently immersed in the world of the International Baccalaureate (IB).
We are one out of 6 school in Perú that offers 3 programs of the International Baccalaureate, and the only one in Southern Peru:

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Preschool y Elementary School



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Middle School



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High School