MOGAP 2022: An international experience for critical thinking and diplomacy!

This experience challenges participants to search for peaceful mechanisms when it comes to solving problems at an international level, developing and boosting in them skills such as leadership, public speaking, diplomacy, public speaking, negotiation, reflection and teamwork.

At its 6th Edition held on May 13 and 14, 18 delegations from schools in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Costa Rica, they had days of intense debates of ideas and development of arguments.

Prescott participated with a team of students from 9th, 10th and 11th grades, achieving the Award for the Best Delegation, as well as important Recognition to our Delegates.

Best Large Delegation


Our team was made up of Camila Poémape Laura, Gustavo Soto Álvarez, Rodrigo Soto Álvarez, Luhana Villegas Zamalloa, Gabriel Apaza Lozano, Vianca Socolich Rivera, Thais Ortiz Cornejo, Thiago Villegas Zamalloa, Juan Sebastián Vargas Málaga, Victoria Recabarren Rodríguez, Alejandro Llerena Campana, Fiorella Avila Doroteo, Tilsa Huaman Carpio, Alexia Cáceres Lecaros and Mathias Villacis Gutiérrez.

Recognition to Delegates:

  • Camila Poémape Laura: Best Delegate OAS Committee
  • Gustavo Soto Álvarez: Outstanding Delegate Crisis Committee
  • Rodrigo Soto Álvarez: Outstanding Delegate Security Council Committee
  • Luhana Villegas Zamalloa: Honorable Mention SOCHUM Committee
  • Gabriel Apaza Lozano: Honorable Mention UN Committee - Habitat
  • Vianca Socolich Rivera: Honorable Mention UNESCO Committee
  • Thais Ortiz Cornejo: Verbal Mention ECOFIN Commitee
  • Thiago Villegas Zamalloa: Verbal Mention SOCHUM Committee
  • Juan Sebastián Vargas Málaga: Verbal Mention Olympic Committee

Secretary General

Prescott students and alumni led the event as member of the Secretary General, fulfilling their duties in different fields with excellence, responsibility and commitment:


  • Secretary General: Héctor Ortíz Zegarra – Antiguo Alumno, Class of 2017
  • Secretary General Sub-office: Andrea Vergel Gutiérrez – Antigua Alumna, Class of 2017
  • Academic Secretary: Fabrizzio Sandoval Salinas – 11th grade student
  • Assistant Academic Secretary: Rodrigo Concha Burga – 11th grade student
  • Administrative Secretary: Valeria Olazo Cornejo – 9th grade student
  • Image Secretary: María Fe Chirinos Palacios – 9th grade student
Congratulations to our participating students and the organizers!