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Organizational Culture

We are identified by an organizational culture we live and spread through our daily labor:

“Prescott Anglo American School, for more than five decades, has been an educational institution with a basis in a comprehensive and humanistic education, putting emphasis on transcendental motivation, an intercultural mindset, bilingualism, innovation, academic excellence, and social responsibility in all of our educational duties.
For the School, it is important to have a human team identified, committed, ethical, responsible, dynamic, enthusiastic, cheerful, creative, passionate about education, and aware that work in this field is the base for regional, national and global development, and the gate to build a better future. In that regard, it values and promotes teamwork, empathic and assertive communication, proactivity, solidarity, and everybody’s effort.
We, as collaborators, evidence in our daily performance, the Attributes of the International Baccalaureate, having as a basis Institutional Principles and Goals. We are aware that our attitude and behavior have an influence in the image, operation, performance, unity, and confidence of the people that make up Prescott Community, demonstrating peculiar personality traits that differentiate us from the others.”
Logo Cultura Y Clima


Ancla 1

We are a School in Arequipa for the World


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We provide a comprehensive education with a trascendental sense


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We serve with joy, integrity and passion for education


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We move on relentlessly on the path of excellence