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Statements from our Collaborators

Test 1
“Working at Prescott is great satisfaction. It is a place to learn, a place to collaborate, a place to share. I am proud of belonging to a solidary, risk-taking, open-minded institution place, a School in Arequipa for the world.”
 Ivonne Zevallos De La Vega
Preschool teacher
Test 2
“To me, working at Prescott is the greatest opportunity to achieve professional goals along with an excellent work team; we do not think of ourselves as workmates, but as a great family who has as their main goal to educate children and youngsters in Arequipa. The prestige of our Institution is the result of the commitment that the whole Prescott family has to make our students citizens of the world who are able to face the challenges of a changing society. This commits each one of us to being ahead in technology as well as in new strategies and methodologies that will allow our students to develop their skills and potential.”
Renzo Vivar Palma
High School Teacher
Test 3
"Since I came to Prescott, I have felt the warmth and willingness to do things right. It is an organized context, with an open mind and the wish to seek the best for their Educational Community, which I am proud to be part of. Since working as a team makes an institution great, that is what we do at Prescott. The welcome from the faculty and Human Resources (all areas) is excellent. Working here is an opportunity for professional and personal growth."
Luz Ivonne Pinto García
Foreign Teacher
Test 4
"To me, working at Prescott is part of my greatest challenges as a professional, not only for the responsibility of working at one of the best schools at a national and international levels, but also for the permanent commitment to offer the educational community the technological tools in order to optimally face the current challenges in a world where technology is part of our life and instruction."
Saúl Llosa Alarcón
It Assistant
Test 4
“Working at Prescott School fills me with pride. It is now 30 years of being part of this family, during which I shared a lot of experiences. This School is like my second home and I thank the whole Prescott Community for letting be part of it and its history. I would like to add that I will give my best as always when performing my duties and I will responsibly face challenges and meet goals this Institution sets for me.”
Esteban Cayllahue Morochara
Maintenance Staff